CRE lending in South Florida is riding high, as other markets cool: TRD Forum

November 10, 2023

Alex Horn, managing partner of BridgeInvest, briefly flummoxed a roomful of real estate professionals when asked about the asset classes his Miami-based lending firm is targeting these days.

“We are doing 100 percent office construction loans,” Horn said and paused. When the crowd in the panel room at Thursday’s The Real Deal South Florida Showcase and Forum didn’t react, Horn let them know he was just kidding.

“That’s a joke,” Horn said. “We always talk about avoiding [office deals] as a lender. I understand that there are a few fantastic office opportunities, but it is more difficult for lenders.”

Horn joined Holly MacDonald-Korth, CEO of Coral Gables-based KDM Financial, and David Moret, president of Miami-based Highline Real Estate Capital, on the panel, called  “Bring in the bridge: The landscape for lending and rescue capital,” moderated by TRD Editor-in-Chief and CEO Stuart Elliott.

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